[TUTORIAL] How to sign up for Ticketmaster and Live Nation


With the BTS show in Spain becoming a reality, it comes one of the hardest moments we have to face: the ticket purchasing!

We BTS Spain know the ticket purchasing might make us anxious, it is for that reason we want to make the process the as enjoyable as possible and we prepared this tutorial to make it easier to you. Let’s get this bread!

Sign up for Ticketmaster


First of all, we have to enter Ticketmaster website and click on “Sign In/Register” at the upper right corner. Next, a window will appear and we will click on the blue words “Create an account” that appear bellow on that new window.


Now we have to fulfill with the most basic data of ourselves:

  • Our e-mail address (must be a valid account because in case of e-tickets they will send you there the PDF with the tickets)
  • Password
    • It must include:
      • Between 8 and 32 characters
      • At least one upper and one lower case letter
      • At least one number
  • Your name
  • Your surname
  • Location
  • Province
  • Preferred language

Once we have filled in all the information we will click on “Continue” and if everything is correct we will go to the next page where we will only have to indicate whether or not we want to receive in our email provided information about news, exclusive or pre-sale offers for events of Ticketmaster. Finally, we will click on “Create my account”.


After that, a message will appear that it reads that they sent us an e-mail to our mail account previously provided. Here we just have to enter our mail inbox and look for the e-mail that we will get from Ticketmaster.


We will click on the phrase “Log in to your account” on the e-mail Ticketmaster have sent us and a new Ticketmaster tab will open. There we will have to write down our email and the password that we have indicated in the first step, and we will be able to enter our new Ticketmaster account! Easy, right?!


This will be our last step! On the website, on the left, we will find a section called “My Profile”. If we click there, several options will be displayed: Edit Contact Details, Edit Billing Information and View Gift Card Balance. Here we will only care about the first two options.

We will select “Edit Contact Details”. Here we have tu fulfill the next data:

  • Name (Will appear already filled)
  • Surname (Will appear already filled)
  • Company (We can leave it blank)
  • Telephone (Your mobile number)
  • Home phone (Your house number)
  • Gender
  • Preferred language (chose English if you don’t know Spanish or Catalan)

Here we can also edit our e-mail address or our password if we want to.

After filling the form with all our data, we will click “Submit” so the new changes get registered.

After that, we’ll click on “Edit address” that take us to the same one that if we enter from the Index it’s “My Profile > Edit Billing Information”. In here, basically we have to write down our address in case Ticketmaster has to ship the tickets to our house.

IMPORTANT: Fill in this section with a valid address for the next months. Which means if from here to July you are going to change your home, put an address where you are sure that you can pick up the tickets. If Ticketmaster finally sends the tickets by mail, we do not know how long they can take to reach our address (in previous tours they have taken from two weeks of purchase to almost two months) so keep that in mind.

In this section you have to fill in:

  • Address (Street name, number, flat, door… Please, write down your address as clear as possible so the posthuman can deliver you the tickets without problems. Please avoid using “º”, “#”…)
  • Zip
  • City
  • Country
  • Province

Once it is all filled in, click “Submit” to save the changes… And that’s it! You’ll have your Ticketmaster account created and ready for the ticket purchasing day!

Sign up for Live Nation

Once we have our Ticketmaster account, the next step is to create one in Live Nation. We will follow the same steps that we have followed to create our Ticketmaster account, let’s do it!


First of all we have to open Live Nation’s website and chose EN as our preferred language in the upper right part. There too there is a small square where it says “Login / Register”, we will click there. Doing so will redirect us to a new page. We will look at the bottom where it says “Don’t have an account? Register” and we will click there.


As in Ticketmaster, Live Nation ask for basic data about ourselves:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Postcode (Zip)
  • E-mail address
  • Password

After that, we will click “Register”


Now a message will appear where we are told that they have sent us an email to the account provided above. In this step we only have to enter our e-mail and look for the mail that Live Nation have sent, after that we will click on the link they provide us to verify our mail address.


After clicking the link provided, it will take us back to the Live Nation website. If everything went well, in this new tab we will see a message that reads “Nice! Your account is now activated!”. Now we will have to click on “Get Started!” And they will send us back to the Live Nation home page. Unlike the first time, “My Live Nation” will appear in the upper right corner, which means that we have logged in with our new account.

Now we just have to complete our Ticketmaster and Live Nation profiles with the information they ask us for and we will have our accounts ready for the day of ticket purchasing. Good luck, ARMY!

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1 año hace

Hi! I’m not from Spain, but hope to go to one of the shows in Barcelona. I was wondering if you could help me with one question regarding the “country of residence” info when singing up to ticketmaster. Do I have to choose “Spain” if I wish to go to a Barcelona show, even if I live in another country? I’m worried I’ll run into problems if I fill in the wrong country.
I would really appreciate your help! I have been an army for 2 years but haven’t been to a concert yet and the only ones I can go to are the Barcelona dates, so I’m kind of nervous since I was only able to find US tutorials.
Thank you in advance!

1 año hace

Same as the comment above i live in morocco and i would like to go to the concert in spain too but i’m worried about the adress . Also if AMIT sees this comment hello fellow army if you would like to keep in touch leave another comment and i’ll send u my email we can help each other and maybe if we both get lucky we can meet in person the day of the concert.